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To avoid confusion, it is the responsibility of the bride, the named person on the Bridal Enquiry Form, known as “you/your” to deal with all aspects of the wedding makeup booking and make the necessary payments. You agree to manage your bridal party effectively and explain to them the terms and conditions by sending them the link. Please do not pay your deposit if you or your bridal party do not agree with the terms and conditions. You agree to provide a suitable working environment that is preferably on the ground floor near a window. In addition, provide an electrical power source for additional lighting, hand washing facilities and a large table and a chair. You understand that children are to be kept away from the makeup set up unless with an adult.

Out of hours booking fee

For very early bookings where travel commences before 06.30am for any reason, a £50.00 surcharge will be payable to cover out of hours. 


All bookings require a 50% deposit via bank transfer only and by proceeding with your booking and paying your deposit, you are accepting the terms and conditions. Please read and make sure you understand fully before proceeding with a booking.


You understand and agree that deposits are non-refundable and are used to not only secure your trial and wedding date but to cover the cost of any products needed, cover administration work such as but not limited to, the time spent communicating and answering client questions, generating and or amending contracts, necessary and or requested product research for the client, financial checks and covers partial loss of earnings due to cancellations for any reason. In the event I need to sadly cancel your booking, your deposit may be refundable depending on the reason for cancellation – please refer to the Makeup Artist Cancellation section.


Your deposit amount will be clearly stated on your quote along with the date that it is due. If your deposit is not received by the date stated, the date you have enquired about will become available for another client to book. Please do not presume that paying your deposit after the due date, that it secures your booking - please always message me again for my availability.


The deposit you pay is deducted from the total services you have booked, giving you a remaining balance. Once your deposit has been received you will receive your booking confirmation and contract via email. The purpose of your contract is to specify what is expected from all parties involved and to make sure there are no surprises on the day. Your contract works alongside the terms and conditions.


Your deposit is transferrable should there be a need to postpone your wedding. Please see Wedding Postponement section.

Remaining Balances

Your remaining balances are payable by the date of the booked service by bank transfer only. Your trial remainder will be due by the end of your trial, and your wedding remainder will be due by your wedding date.


Your remaining balances will be clearly stated on your quote and contract; however, this will change should you need to re-arrange your trial or postpone your wedding. Should I be available for the new dates, the remaining balance will be due by the new dates you have given.

Payment Method

All payments will be processed by the booking system Fresha by the bride only and via secure card payment.


Any payment received for work already carried out such as trials are not refundable as the service has been fulfilled.

Mobile Services

Mobile services can only be offered if your booking has a minimum of 2 people with a minimum spend of £80.00.

 The first 10 minutes of travel is free of charge and included in bridal services. This equates to 20 minutes of free travel when you factor in a return journey. After the free 20 minutes, the additional time spent travelling is calculated at my minimum hourly wedding rate of £40.00 per hour.


Google Maps is used to search and calculate the distance from the studio to your chosen makeup location. Your wedding date and my arrival time are applied to factor in any early morning traffic or road works. There is usually a minimum and a maximum estimated time and the maximum will always be chosen to cover any travel losses.


Calculation example:

The Makeup Studio to Hurlston Hall Friday 10th June 2022 Arriving at 07.00.

Maximum 16 minutes (x2) = 32 minutes return travel

Minus 20 minutes free travel included equates to 12 minutes return travel that is chargeable.

Total minutes multiplied by the wedding hourly rate gives you a total of £8.04 payable travel cost.

Maximum Booking

The maximum number of makeups for myself on the day of your wedding is 5 full faces. Please understand that this may not be doable if you have a restricted timescale or do not want an early start.

Express Bridal Service

Teaming up with local makeup artist Amanda Borg this service is available for any bride with a large bridal party. Wedding morning preparations can mean a very early start and sometimes it's not possible to fit everyone in, especially when there are time restrictions. By adding the Express Bridal Service, you have myself and Amanda there so you can enjoy a later start, and extra time with your family and friends as you will all be done in half of the time. You will also benefit from only needing to communicate with one makeup artist as it goes under one booking, giving you a hassle-free booking experience.



Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 full face makeups are required to qualify for this service. There is a flat rate of £50.00 for this express service and travel cost will need to be covered for both makeup artists, you will still qualify for 20 minutes free travel. We are still two separate businesses therefore, rates, discounts, and terms and conditions may differ depending on who you contact as this determines who becomes the primary makeup artist. For bookings with myself, Bridal Package Discounts will still be honoured but the discount will not be based on the total number booked, as the total will be split between two separate businesses. For example, to qualify for Silver your booking total would be 6, for Gold your booking total would be 7 and for Platinum it would be 8.

Time Management

I will plan your wedding makeup schedule to make sure that the agreed services can be fulfilled on time. You can find a detailed schedule on your contract. I will also arrive approximately 15 minutes before the makeup start time to set up the makeup area.


You and your bridal party are given 60 minutes each regardless of the full face makeup look. This excludes young bridesmaids, eye makeup and flower girls. You can find the duration of each makeup service on the Bridal Price List. There are 5-minute gaps in-between makeups to tidy and sanitize the work area and makeup brushes. A 10-minute break for myself will be included after 3 continuous makeups.


You understand and agree that it is a sensible decision to include this additional time, to cover any unforeseen events such as an uncomfortable contact lens, sensitivity to a product or simply a bridesmaid running late. It is your responsibility to advise your bridal party of their time slots. If time is not managed properly there is no guarantee that all the services booked will be completed in the agreed time. If additional time is needed due to poor time management, and if available, rates will be based at £40.00 per hour and added to your remaining balance.


Should makeup application be completed earlier than planned I am more than happy to help with additional tasks to make your morning run as smoothly as possible. This includes (but is not part of contractual obligations) making drinks, helping with dressing, jewellery, veils and one that happens frequently, calming any pre-wedding nerves.

Client Cancellation

You can cancel any services booked at any time via email. There is no cancellation fee as your 50% non-refundable deposit covers your cancellation as explained in the Deposits section. I would however appreciate as much notice as possible should you need to cancel your booking.


A reduction in numbers from the original booking can be made in writing but please bear in mind that deposits are non-refundable and your booking still needs to meet the minimum spend. Should your reduction in numbers not meet the minimum spend, you understand and agree that I have the right to no longer provide makeup services and therefore cancel. I will, however, look at each situation on an individual basis and decide if there is room for negotiation. It may be less stressful to find other guests to have their makeup done or pay the original agreed quote rather than having the booking cancelled, due to no longer meeting the minimum spend requirement.

Makeup Artist Cancellation

If I am made to feel uncomfortable in any way, mistreated, if anyone displays any offensive behaviour, or if anyone becomes abusive I have the right to cancel there and then.


You understand that I have the right to refuse and cancel services should it put yourself, myself, other clients, my family or home, at risk from cross-infection of any type of infectious diseases and or conditions.


If I cannot work due to a government act, regulation, a change of law or general guidance and advice, you understand that I have no choice but to cancel the services booked for me to abide by the law.


In the event of dangerous weather conditions, where the Met Office issues an amber or red warning, we will need to discuss safe options and/or cancellation.


You understand that I have the right to cancel, should reductions be made to a booking which results in the minimum spend not being met.


In the unlikely event, that I have to cancel due to illness, health reasons or unforeseen circumstances I will try to give as much notice as possible, this excludes sudden unfortunate events beyond my control. I will do my best to source an alternative makeup artist to take my place. In this circumstance, I will refund any deposit or advance payment you have made as a goodwill gesture. I will refund within 28 days from the date I cancelled unless the cancellation is due to severe ill health, in which case refunds may take longer.


In the event, something should happen to me, someone will contact you on my behalf explaining the situation.

Wedding Postponement

In the unfortunate event, your wedding needs to be re-arranged, all reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate your new booking.


Your wedding deposit can be transferred once only to your new wedding date, subject to availability and only if your new wedding date falls within 12 months of your original wedding date. Your contract will be amended and emailed to you, and you understand that your remaining balance for your new wedding date, may increase depending on the price list set for the new date that is booked. Your remaining balance will be payable by your new wedding date.


Your wedding deposit can only be transferred to another date once. Should you wish to still have me as your makeup artist after this transfer it will be treated as a cancellation and you will need to re-book your new wedding date. This also applies if your new wedding date falls after 12 months from the original date. There is no cancellation fee as explained in the cancellation policy, however, you acknowledge that deposits are non-refundable as clarified in the Deposits section.

Liability & Insurance

I am insured by Salon Gold with a public liability indemnity of up to £ 5,000,000


The client and bridal party agree to hold myself harmless from any liability from but not limited to allergic reactions, injuries, losses, damages, cost, claims and actions that may occur. Only professional-grade cosmetics are used along with proper sanitation techniques and strict health & safety protocols.

Consultation Forms

Consultation forms must be completed to allow me to do my job effectively and safely, to comply with my insurance regulations and so that I can provide you with the best service possible. You will receive a link to your consultation form, which you agree to also forward to your bridal party so everyone can fill and submit. Should anything you have declared on the consultation for you and your bridal party in the lead up to any services booked whether trial or wedding day you must contact me as soon as possible.


You and your bridal party agree to fill the consultation form with honesty and disclose any known allergies eg. latex, specific skincare/makeup products, perfumes, anything that may cause a reaction if used topically. Any past/present medical conditions such as epilepsy, heart conditions, asthma, hay fever, sensitive/watery eyes, cancer, strokes, diabetes, or recent surgery. You agree to include any other contraindications that will prevent or restrict makeup application like but are not limited to - bacterial skin diseases, contagious eye diseases, insect infestation etc. Please click here for other contraindications examples. All information given is strictly confidential and will not be shared unless there is a medical or legal reason to do so, please refer to the privacy policy.


You understand and agree that under 16’s require a parent/guardian (mother, father or legal guardian appointed by the court) present throughout the makeup application. This is for me to be able to comply with my insurance policy, I reserve the right to ask for proof of age and to cancel the services booked should the above requirements above not be met.

Infection Prevention Policy & Covid-19 Protocols

Good hygiene and sanitation techniques, along with strict health & safety protocols have always been in place. However, to further protect everyone during the coronavirus pandemic the Infection Prevention Policy has been updated to ensure everyone’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic.


Despite the laws and rules being relaxed by the government, I will still be keeping the following protocols in place until further notice. Please understand and appreciate that the studio is situated within my home, and I will be doing everything I can to reduce the spread of any contagious illnesses including covid-19, not only to protect my clients but also my family and myself.


Cleaning and sanitationMy home, makeup studio, makeup kit will be kept clean and sanitised to prevent the spread of any contagious illnesses and the covid-19 virus. Re-usable equipment, tools, client chair and workstation will be cleaned and sanitised after each appointment. Disposable gowns are available for each client wanting to protect their clothing. Disposable brushes will be used for any clients displaying contraindications that restricts makeup application.


Ventilation & PPEThe studio window will be open during appointments and/or in between clients to help refresh the air and reduce covid-19 particles. The studio French doors that lead into the hallway will also be opened to let the air circulate and further dilute any airborne viruses. Although no longer a legal requirement, I will be wearing a grade II mask during appointments.


Reducing the risk of cross-infection

All appointments at the studio operate on an appointment-only system and the usual gaps in between clients are still in place to ensure a clean and sanitized environment is available for all clients. On your wedding day there will be gaps in between makeups to clean and sanitize the work area, products and tools and brushes.


On your Consultation Form, you and your bridal party will also be asked if you have any contraindications that may restrict or prevent your makeup application. In addition to the usual Consultation Form, you and your bridal party will be required to fill in and submit the Infectious Diseases & Covid-19 Screening Form.


Should you have any of the main covid-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell) and/or if you or anyone you live with tests positive for covid-19 and/or have other contraindications you must, unfortunately, cancel your appointment. I will of course get in touch to cancel should I develop the main covid symptoms and or if I or anyone I live with test positive for covid-19.


Should I be unwell with a contagious illness, I will need to cancel your booking. To avoid disappointment, if I am unwell with for example, a common cold and my symptoms are very mild, and I feel able to work, I will leave it up to you to decide if you want to keep or cancel your appointment. You understand I will be wearing PPE regardless and that I am not liable should you later contract the illness should you wish to keep your booking. Relaxation of rules does not apply to clients as you are unable to wear a mask during the entire appointment. It also does not apply to dangerous contagious illness or if it were to severely compromise yours or someone else’s health.


I appreciate that having to cancel your appointment is inconvenient, but I urge you to fill your forms in with honesty. Remember, it is done to protect everyone including my family and home. Please see additional client protocols below:


Makeup Studio

  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival

  • Maximum of 2 clients in the makeup studio

  • Bring minimal belongings with you to your appointment

  • Minimise your contact with surfaces and door handles

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue, cough, or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. Sanitise hands afterwards.


Additional Protocols for Mobile Services

  • Provide adequate ventilation, when possible, allowing fresh air to circulate

  • Leave internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles

  • No touching of makeup or equipment

  • Provide handwashing facilities


All trials are located at the makeup studio and are available Monday to Friday. Trials should always start as early as possible to test the longevity of the makeup. There is a 10-minute grace period for appointments at the studio. However, you and or your bridal party are 15 minutes late, the trial may need to be rescheduled.


If you would like to have a trial before securing your wedding, you will only need to pay your deposit for your bridal trial and your remainder at the end of your trial. You must, however, book your trial as soon as possible as I can only keep your wedding date in the diary for 7 days (from enquiry) without a deposit.


During trials, you and your bridal party must say if you are unhappy or unsure of the results so the necessary adjustments can be made during the appointment. You are encouraged to make the most of your trial as additional trials will be at an additional cost.


A second foundation test may be necessary should it not wear well during the day. Despite all efforts in choosing the right foundation for your skin type, it is not a one size fits all situation. To make sure you are looking your absolute best on your special day this additional foundation test is free of charge. You understand that this is a foundation test only and is not treated as an additional trial and is for the bride only.


If your bridal party are also having trials on the same day, please understand that the maximum number in the studio is 2 clients at one time. This will be subject to any covid restrictions at the time of the appointment. A makeup schedule will be in your contract so everyone will know their makeup time slots.


If you need to cancel your trial, your trial is transferrable to another date but must be within 1 week of the original date.


You have 48 hours after your trial to then secure your wedding, if this time passes, please message me before making any payments.

Photography & Video

If time allows and with prior consent, I would love to take photos and or videos of you and your bridal party’s makeup to help me promote my business. Photos and videos would potentially be used for my website and social media platforms at any time in the future and I would not be required additional permission each time they are used. Consent is obtained on the consultation form, and you have to actively opt in to give permission. You and your bridal party can of course withdraw consent at any time in writing.

Privacy & Cookie Policy

Please click here to view the policy on privacy and website cookies.

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